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TMI Toooooosday,stream later?

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys,TMI Tuesday is here once again,so feel free to ask ME or my OCs questions and I’ll answer yeahhhh /o/

Reminder as always, I do NOT ROLEPLAY, I do the whole TMI thing as a means of fun. ;P
Don’t “suggest” me to ask you something on your TMI Tuesday journal. Thanks!

Ally - My persona,Ice mage
Age: 23

Ally Pony - My ponysona,Princess
Age: 23

Maru - Chubby Pomeranian
Age: 19

Lammirima Pear-body elven fairy
Age: 20

Kiwila - Original species by me,Starpup
Age: 107

Frost - Snow-born kitty
Age: 23

Apple - Chubby busty cow lady
Age: 24

Mocha Creme - Naughty bunny
Age: 21

Stellae - Night star goddess lioness
Age: 379

Icicle - Naughty feline
Age: 23

Kitsuu - Shy fox
Age: 19

Hunny - Self-Pampering leopard
Age: 20

Nico - Naughty fatbulous panda
Age: 26

Rinnie - Chubby MILF Bunny
Age: 39

Morganna , link - Naughty prankster
Age: Unknown

Penelope - Bookworm Naga
Age: 25

Kiara - Spotted Tailmouth
Age: 21

Dolce - Chocolate bat
Age: 27


Also yeah was thinking about doing a stream later,stream commissions would be available,anyone interestedddd? 8D;

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